Writing Variables Expressions

In everyday conversation, people use word phrases that express mathematical ideas. As you read the following conversation, notice the use of mathematical expressions.

“Hi Frank. How was the car was ?” Fabulous, Gina ! We made twice as much maoney as we did last year. We washed 80 more cars than last year!” Great ! That means we’ll be able to lower the cost of the band trip by $2 per person.”

1. Identify the mathematical phrases in Frank and Gina’s conversation.

Even though you know how much money the band made last year, you can express the amount the made this year by writing expression a variable expression.
2. Let m represent the money the band made last year. Then the money they made this year is.

3. Let c represent the number of cars they washed last year. Then the number of cars the washed this year is c.

When you know the value of a variable, you can write a numerical expression.

4. Suppose the band made $240 from last  years car was. Then the numerical expression for the money the made this year is.

5. Suppose the washed 50 cars last year. Then the numerical expression for the cars they was this year is 50.

6. Suppose t was the cost per person for the band trip before the car wash. Write a variable expression describing the cost of the trip after the car wash


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