The Health Benefits of Music

From antiquity to modern times, human beings have always had a special place for music in their hearths and lives. Music can be used as entertainment; to ease the burdens of daily labor, to add color to an otherwise dull day. Music can be highly personal as a tool for self expression, but it can also be a social event; as a way to have fun and bond with others. This is why Music Lessons by Music Teachers Network has remained ever popular. No matter where we are, from the African plains to the Sydney opera house, music is held as a universal instrument of pleasure and joviality. But did you know that music also has therapeutic benefits?

Most of us would hardly see those beginning piano lessons we took in our youth as being good for our health. But research has shown how what we listen to actually affects what we feel. It has been proven that regularly listening to certain types of music can ease our stress levels. Stress is the main cause for illnesses and diseases, because when our bodies are under stress, we tend to lower our immune system. This leads us to being more susceptible to bacteria and pathogens. Besides maintaining our health from a physical perspective, music also helps improve your psyche. Just as chocolate is known to trigger hormones in making us feel better, music can have the same soothing effect.

Those who play music on a regular basis also benefit from the relaxation benefits from playing music. Physically, playing music helps them to constantly exercise and flex certain muscles in their body. Mentally, being able to play music helps you to look for patterns and rhythms which can set off your body to relax mode. Of course, not all types of music have this calming effect. As you may have noticed, classical music works best to sharpen your concentration. Ambiance music can relax you and provide a temporary escape from your busy routine, while energetic music can set the mood to power you up. So it may be a good idea to look for guitar lessons for beginners, and compile a playlist for your everyday activities. With just a push of a button and a little tune, you can maintain your physical and psychological health.


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