Teaching Math Using Animation

One of the things you can do for children love to learn Mathematics is to change the mindset of children that mathematics is interesting, enjoyable and challenging. Viewing animations and play games on the computer / internet related to Mathematics worth a try. Of course, assistance is needed.

On the internet been available a lot of media that can be utilized. Gaming, animation we can find it easily. Some already exist that can be downloaded in advance, and the other forces us to be connected to the internet. Here’s one web address that contains the game / games, animations related to Mathematics and Science.
This website provides some animation for our children. The animation you can use when teaching in class or when accompanying your child at home. Some animations of them relate to:
1. Number
2. Learning Addition
3. Determining Area and Volume
4. Various forms of Polygons
5. Transformation
6. Arithmetic and Geometric Series
7. Fraction
8. Addition
9. Comparison
10. Theorem Pytagoras
11. Coordinates in the Field
12. Coordinates in Space
13. Algebra etc.

On the web you can also learn physics through animation. Animation interactive animation in my opinion and interesting to try. Unfortunately until now I have not also can make the animation-animation Mathematics. Perhaps among the readers there who can make it? I wait for the results of your Math animation.

Click here to go to Science Animation.


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