Seven Student Errors When Doing Math Problems


With mathematics learning how to read and memorize not enough. Mathematics is not science memorizing. The key to success in mathematics is a problem with a lot of exercise. Training and continued training. When you have a lot of practice, the formula automatically-formula akan also go to your brain. So you do not need to memorize the formula for the formula. However, sometimes we also need to be fixed so that the sap can do quickly.

Mathematics Learning Study grind?
No need worry because you can not memorize. Logikanya well. You certainly know very well that outside of the 5 x 5 = 25. When you learn that a few years ago. Why do you still remember? In fact you do not grind continuously. Almost the same when you learn the formula-formula or formula-trig integral formula. When you first learn the formula, the formula certainly seems difficult. But when you get up for practice and continue to practice the longer you do not need to memorize because you have brain memory store formula-the formula when you practice and use it.

This time in the post I will give the seven most common mistakes made when students do math problems, especially during the exam. I select the students because the more students a class XII akan national exam that directly determines their future. Mathematics is still used as a frightening specter lessons.

Knowing mistakes are expected to know the students should learn how mathematics. So that the students feel and enjoy the fun while learning mathematics. And of course the errors will not be done. Following seven mistakes made when students learn mathematics or want when the math test.

1. Not Just Once a Learning and Confidence Too
Some students often feel confident with the exercises that have been done before. So that at the time of the test approach does not learn them together seklai. This is a fatal mistake that students often do. Even if you smart and clever, but would that if you prepare as best as possible, because anything can happen at the time of the test. Remember kajinan also affect your success. = + SUKSES diligent Smart.

In addition, if students do not learn at all, then all the way and then applied, for example: create contekan, on the next friend or what answers fill the alias “inconsequential.” Then, if such has been very fatal. Remember if you ketahuna mencontek or cooperate akan many losses that you experienced. Better preparation and study in accordance with your ability.

2. Learning Mathematics with the grind and Without Exercise
As I have described above, that learning mathematics is not learning to memory. Wrong if you learn math without practice, because in fact many things that you will find the exercise. The portion of the exercise to read and I was 20% for the concept and 80% for the exercise. Do not read too many concepts karen will not make a skillful or ingenious shoptalk mathematics. Remember shoptalk mathematics is not merely the concept, but more a matter relating to the skills you use formula, logic and conclude things.

3. No precise
Unfortunately true if you can do a math problem with a full, but you feel disappointed because after you exit the exam room you realize that you wrong answers on the last line only. You already do with great difficulty, but because of inaccuracy make you wrong answers. For example: 1 + (-10) to 9, while only less marked (-) only, is how very disappointing if it happens to you.

Even if you do a lot of smart and preparation, but if you’re not careful akan also useless. Especially if the matter is all a matter of choice ganda, which is determined with the answers correct or incorrect only. Fatal consequences if you’re not careful. Have you ever experienced like this?

4. Hurry
Many students often make this mistake. Usually this is a mistake because the students want to be a matter of mathematics menyelesaiakan quickly and want to get the maximum value. But hurry because a lot of mistakes made trivial. For example, when the matter urain, there is one, then deleted / tipex in, while waiting for the problem and then the other. Because in a hurry, then the answers to be corrected and not empty so fixed. Is not fatal?

5. Not Given Hint Question and Lost Identity Arts Writing
When you want to do shoptalk mathematics, you should first read the instructions soalnya. Who knows no rules or instructions, the instructions or not the new instructions as before. For example, a score setipa number, skornya 1 or 4, if a -1 and others.

6. Not with the Priorities and Strategies Without
Trends in students working on mathematics problems usually tend to do from the number 1 and not shoptalk the other. Consequently, if the number 1 problem which is difficult chance, then at the beginning you have made a mistake. In addition, you will tend to be emotional such as you do not have the answer. It’s the type of problem like this, which is used to test students’ psychological. You should be careful in the types of problems that are difficult and put at the beginning of the problem.

We recommend you first see all the problems, the number of pages, complete or not, prioritize shoptalk that easy according to you, then do shoptalk difficult. After you count the possibility that your problem is a bia. It is not yet complete?

7. Try to do-try and memorize formulas Practical
It is not wrong if you do the problem with the try. Some problems are more quickly if it is done with a try, especially for a matter of choice ganda. For example problem, linear program, a matter of linear systems and others. But my advice, you should also be careful with the types of problems like this. Sometimes there are also problems that can be done with a try but eventually trap you. In addition, there are problems with this type that are longer than the usual steps.

I do not forbid you to use simple formula or a quick way. There is a type of matter that can be done with a simple formula. But note that the formula prakits does not apply to all problems, only for a matter with a certain type only.

Maybe I have too many write errors are often made when working on math problems, especially problems and some suggestions for you. Suggestions in the matter of the math you should be:
1. Confidence
2. With the Strategy
3. Up with the preparation Many practice

You may have other errors, and suggestions please write your comments in the box below. Seven in the top number is not sacred, just remember to make it and if there can be an additional eight or nine onwards.


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