Olympiad Math Trainer Week 3

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We have maths problems for students in Junior High School or in Grade 7. Below Olympiad math trainer week 3.

SolveĀ  these questions. Show your working clearly. Each question carries 4 marks.

1. Use a simple method to calculate each of the following.

(a) 999 x 222 + 333 x 334

(b) 999 x 778 + 333 x 666

2. Observe the number pattern below.

16, 23, 28, 38, 49, ….

What is the 6th term?

3. Find the sum of all multiples of 7 between 100 and 200.

4. A family has for members. The father is 2 years older than the mother. The sister is 2 years older than the brother. The sum of all their present ages is 64. Three years ago, the sum of their ages was 53. How old is each of them now?

5. Betty and Celine were jogging along a circular track surrounding a lake. The track measured 640 m. If they started from the same place and jogged in the same direction, Betty would take 16 minutes to catch up with Celine. If they jogged in the opposite direction, the would meet every 4 minutes. How long did Betty take to jog one round of the track?

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