Math Teaching Tips for Elementary School

Teaching math to elementary students is critical for establishing a foundation of success in mathematics. There is a need for some basic memorization of facts, because students who do not memorize arithmetic functions struggle in upper grades. However, math must be fun and interesting.

Math should be fun and interesting. When students become involved in math learning, they retain more than just rote memorization of math facts. Instead of just using worksheets and completing problems on the board, make math fun and challenging.
Math Teaching Tips

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Asking Questions – write the word “ten” on the board. Now ask students if there is another way to express “ten.” A student may write “10,” now ask is there another way to express “10.” A second student may write “llllllllll,” now ask is there another way to express “llllllllll.” This can be continued until most possibilities are exhausted. Students are using critical problem solving skills and eagerly participate.

Collect Own Data – instead of using data for graphing from a text book or worksheet. Let them collect their own data. For example: measuring the lengths of various objects in the classroom or counting the number objects in a box placed on their desk.


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