Math Problem For Grade 6

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1.Draw quadrilateral ABCD in the plane coordinates with the provisions of point A (2, 1), B (-1, 2), C (-2, 2) and D (1, -2)!

2.Mobile phone ringing every 12 minutes and phone B rings every 6 minutes. If the phone rings with at 08.20 o’clock at how the phone will ring together again?

3.My mother bought 3 / 5 meter tape. Ribbon was given to Ana ¼ meters. Then she bought another 3 / 2 meters. How many yards ribbon Mother now?

4.The distance city A to city B in the map 10 cm. Calculate the actual distance given map scale 1: 1.000.0000!

5. The distance of Semarang to Kudus  is 58 km. Arman motorcycles from Semarang and 07.45 o’clock until 09.45 o’clock Holy. What is the average speed of travel Arman?

6.Farid has 6 fruit rope, each length of rope 70 cm, 200 mm, 5000 mm, 20 cm, 300 mm and 10 cm. Of the six strings are connected into 2 pieces the same length of rope. What is the length of each string?

7.The comparison aged between father and mother age is 3: 2. If the 42 year old mother, calculate the age of my father!

8.Ani have some money. 5 / 9 of the money was given to his brother. Then Lady Ani gives the amount of money equal to 8 / 9 part of the money Ani. How much money Ani now, if the money first Ani USD $ 6000.00?

9. Father’s footsteps width is 40 cm. Meanwhile, younger brother’s footsteps 32 cm. The two walked together to the place of worship. Which steps both jointly set foot into the ground?

10. One of traders have 55 kg of rice. A total of 4 / 5 part of the rice sold. How many kg of rice that has not sold?



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