Math Problem For Grade 6 (Part 4)

Finally I have got around to section 4 (final) for a special elementary school math story problems. In previous postings, I wrote 10 stories about math that you can save and then used to practice for your own good or for your children. The following questions-you see. Good download.

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1. One of home completed within 5 months, 3 weeks 5 days. How many days a house is completed?

2. I walk 12 steps forward. Having reached the goal, I’m back again with the same number of steps. If the steps are written in mundurku integers, what is it?

3. My mother go to the market to buy 3 ½ pounds of sugar, 4 ¼ kg of rice, and 2 ¾ kg of salt. At home, kg rice 2 ½ tanak. How much do students groceries Mother?

4.In a map distance of the town A to town B is 2 cm, the city B to city C 4 cm, and the city C to city D 3 cm. Scale on the map 1: 523,000! Find the distance from city A to city D through B and C of the truth!

5. My mother age :  my Sister = 11: 1. When Mom picked brother, both weight is 60 kg. How many pounds brother?

6. A Bookstore has a profit 18% of the initial capital USD 165,000,000.00. How much capital gains plus the bookstore?

7. A temperature in a refrigerator minus 10 degree in Celcius. How many degrees of temperature when measured with a thermometer Reamur? If the Fahrenheit thermometer is measured by whether the result is also a minus?

8. Phone cost in New York is USD $ 70,000.00 per minute. If the brother called his friend in New York for 4 minutes 40 seconds, what is the cost?

9.Bahri set sail to fish at 23:00. When returning to land at the time showed 03.30. How long Bahri sailing fishing?

10. The comparison age between my uncle and Andi is 5: 3.  And Uncle: Sholeh = 4: 3. Number of 82-year age three. What is the age Uncle?



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