Math Olympiad For Students in Primary Schools

May be, as a internet user, you have ever read my articles, first about Olympiad Math Trainer Week 3 and Olympiad Math Trainer Week 4. In this posting I will show you some Olympiad Math Problems for students in Primary Schools. Please read carefully.


1. Miss Evi had $180. She spent 25% of the money on a shirt and 30% of the remainder on a dictionary. How much money had she left?


Miss Evi’s money = $180

She spent = 25% x $180 = $45 on the shirt

Remainder = $180 – $45 = $135

She spent = 30% x $135 = $40.50 on the dictionary.

Miss Evi had = $135 – $40.50 = $94.50 left.

2. Mr Romi earn a fixed monthly salary. In January, he saved 30% of it, and in February he saved 20% more than what he saved in January. If his total savings for the two months was $1,214.40, what is his monthly salary?


Mr Romi monthly salary is $1,840.


1. Mr Toni had $720. He spent 30% of his money on a watch and 45% of it on a washing machine. How much money did he spend  altogether?

A.    $480

B.    $540

C.    $580

D.    $640


2.    Mrs Agustine bought 8 kg of flour. She used 25% of the flour to bake a cake and 30% of the remainder to bake some biscuits. How many kilograms of flour had she left?

A.    1.8 kg

B.    3.8 kg

C.    4.2 kg

D.    4.8 kg


3.    624 out of 1560 pupils in a school. What percentage of the pupils walk to school?

A.    40%

B.    30%

C.    20%

D.    10%


4. A rectangular tank measures 408 cm by 16 cm by 8 cm. It is 60% filled with water. How much water, in liters, is there in the tank?

A.    0.0721

B.    1.0721

C.    2.0721

D.    3.0721


5. In an aquarium, there are swordtails and guppies. 40% of the fishes are swordtails. If an equal number of guppies is bought and put into the aquarium, what percentage of the fishes are guppies?

A.    25%

B.    50%

C.    75%

D.    85%


6.  Evi spent  of her pocket money on a dress, 60% of the remainder on a story book, and had $8 left. How much money did she have at first?

A.    $100

B.    $80

C.    $60

D.    $40


7.  A shopkeeper had 6 watches which were of the same cost price. He sold 4 of them at 30% more of their cost price. He sold the fifth and sixth watches at their cost price. He recived $900 together. Find the cost price of each watch.

A.    $125

B.    $150

C.    $175

D.    $200

If you can do this exercises, please comment below. And if you have a problem about Math Olympiad For Students inf Primary Schools, please contact me.


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