Math olympiad contest problems for elementary schools

Some time ago I’ve written an article about math olympiad for elementary school. On this occasion I will continue to write articles about Math Olympiad for primary schools. I hope this article use for students and teachers in elementary schools.

1. Erch bought 5 pockets of flour and 2 packets of sugar. There were 3.28 kg of flour and 4.6 kg of sugar in each packet. He mixed all the flour and sugar together and repacked them equally into 8 packet. Find the mass of the mixture in each packet.

2. John and Suli went to a bookshop and bought some exercise books. They had $100 each. John could buy 7 large and 4 small ones. Suli could buy 5 large and 6 small ones and had $5 left. How much was a small exercise book?

3. There are 13,530 books in the library. 0.6 of the number of hardbacks is equal 0.25 of the number of paperbacks. How many more paperbacks than hardbacks are there?

4. A game normally takes 2 hours and 45 minutes to play. Due to bad weather, the playing time was reduced by 1 hour and  minutes. The actual time, in hours, was ….

5. 50 books of equal thickness are stacked on top of one another. The stack of books is 230 cm high. If 14 books are removed from the stack, what is the remaining height of the books?
6. Mrs Maria bought 36 cups at $95 each and 12 bowls at $1.50 each. She paid the cashier $100. How much change did she receive?

7. A blouse costs three time as much as a t-shirt. 5 blouse cost $110.25. Mrs Suli bought 3 blouse and 8 t-shirts. How much did she pay altogether?

8. Mrs Amel bought some apples and pears for $12.75. There were 5 more pears than apples. An apple cost $0.45 and a pear cost $0.15 less than an apple. How many pears did she buy?

9. Mr Romi earn a fixed monthly salary. In January, he saved 30% of it, and in February he saved 20% more than what he saved in January. If his total savings for the two months was $1,214.40, what is his monthly salary?

10. In an aquarium, there are swordtails and guppies. 40% of the fishes are swordtails. If an equal number of guppies is bought and put into the aquarium, what percentage of the fishes are guppies?

Read Math Olympiad contest problems above and I hope you do the best.


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