Math For Grade 6

Actually, this post would I put in my new blog, which will discuss the mathematics from another perspective, namely the application of mathematics. The approach I use is to understand the math, looking at all the events in our lives that relate to math.

If we learn mathematics, we usually tend to give the formula first. After that at the end of the balls we were given the questions the story. Well, in my new blog, I will use the inverse approach. I will try to discuss applied mathematics from the first, and only the formulas. To discuss, I would not read too much mathematical theories, mathematical realistic, but I prefer using the approach of experience in our lives everyday. If we can solve without formula, why do we have to use a formula that is sometimes difficult and tortuous.

See the story about mathematics?

In this post I will show some mathematical problems, ie problems that have come out the story in Grade 6 last year. Please you look, and if you find a solution, you can immediately answer on the comments box. Well, of course these questions do good if the younger kids in our grade 6. Good luck !

1. Mom bought as much as 7.2 kg of potatoes at a price of USD $ 2250.00 per 1 kg. Half of the potatoes had been sold. One third of the remainder was bought by Bibi a price of USD $ 2600.00 per kg. How many dollars Aunt should pay?

2. There are three lights, red, green and yellow. The red light flashes every 16 seconds, the green light flashes every 24 seconds, the yellow light flashes every 36 seconds. If all three lights were lit at first together, then the second keberapa lights flashed together again?

3. Page a rectangular school with 24 meters in length and width of 13 m. Built in the middle of the courtyard of a circular garden with a diameter of 7 m. How m2 area of the page there is no garden ?

4. Mother had money USD 1,750,000.00. Given again by the father as much as Rp 250.000,00. Mother used to pay debts amounting to Rp 511,500.00. All the rest of the money to buy rice as much as 650 kg. What is the price of rice per kg ?

5. A truck carrying 2.35 tons of watermelon. 182 ½ kg proved rotten watermelon. Watermelon is not rotten is sold at IDR 2750.00 per kg. How many watermelons that sales results ?

6. Mr. Hasan has a long piece of land with a width of 148 meters and 112.5 meters. How are Mr. Hasan’s land ?

7. Water reservoirs measuring 7.5 meters long, 5 meters wide and 1.8 meters high. How many liters of water that can be accommodated ?

8. For the purposes of housing construction, the father takes a brick truck. The contents of each truck 3625 bricks. If the bricks are classified into three groups as much, then how many bricks each group.

9. Uncle of a fish packing business appeal. Versus fish weight 0.08 kg. The contents of each box 60 tails. When my uncle every day can pack 45 boxes, how many tons of fish are packed uncle appeal for 25 days ?

10. The excess money and Franz is USD 6000.00. Comparison of their money 9: 5. How many dollars of their money ?

Good luck !


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    @ Nurul : pasti bisa ! saya sangat mendukung ! meski kita tak kenal ! 😀 🙂

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    artin’x aj gk paham gimana bisa pintarrrrr

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