Math For Grade 6 Part 2

This post is a continuation of my previous posts. The aim is that the questions I present is not too much. If you’ve found the answer, please just answer directly in the comment box.

Mathematics for the majority of students are still regarded as a frightening subject. Do not know why until now, these subjects are still feared. Difficult? Complicated? Various reasons can be raised. And math is not hard science, and sometimes the same level with they have difficult immunization social sciences. It’s just more sure of Mathematics. So because of that certainty of mathematics should be easier. Download math problems?
Some things that can hinder the learning of mathematics:
1. Teacher killer.
2. Assistance with students less.
3. Unavailability of learning facilities and teaching-learning process that supports.
4. Teachers lacked an understanding of the importance of learning mathematics.
5. The past is not good with math (psychological trauma)
6. The questions provided less challenging.
7. Boring teaching methods.
8. Limited ability of teachers / students.

Actually there are many reasons. Perhaps I will discuss in my blog only. Here are the questions that you can download.

1. Distance City A to City B 60 km. Ali started cycling from town A to town B at 08.55 with an average speed of 15 km / hour. At the same time Husen went from town A to town B with a speed of 20 km / hour. After a 2-hour journey, Husen rest while waiting for Ali. How long rest until overtaken Husen Ali?

2. Long road connecting the village to village B A 2.8 km. The road is not paved 14 2 / 7% of the length of the road. How many yards are paved roads?

3. A photocopy entrepreneurs need average, the 275 sheets of paper every 15 minutes. If copies were hired on average for 5 ¼ hours per day, how many reams of paper required for 8 days?

4. A craftsman has a block of wood with a length of 3 m, width 51 cm and height 36 m. The block was cut into 4 equal length parts. The width of each section is split into 17 equal parts. How many cm3 volume of the block 25 the bits that?

5. In the art scene there were 3 lights, red light flashes every 12 seconds, the green light flashes every 15 stitch, while the yellow light flashes every 20 seconds. If at first light flashed together, so every few seconds the light will light up together again?

6. A trader bought 2.04 tons of rice. In order to easily and quickly penjualnnya rice was put into small bags. If the contents of each bag on average 1 / 5 hundred pounds, how many bags are needed to pack all that rice?

7. Mother’s weight 5 / 7 weight loss father. If the weight of 63 kg Daddy, what you lose weight?

8. Suraya bought 2 ½ kg of sugar. A total of 1 ¾ kg sugar used to make cakes. His aunt came to 2 kg of sugar. How many pounds of sugar Suraya now?

9. Draw up a kite that has a lower angle of 60o and each left-right corner 90 o!

10. The distance of A to B on the map of 5 cm. Map scale 1: 500,000. What is the real distance of city A with B?

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