How effectively your e-learning ?

From today and so it seems I have to start again to make the active  e-learning modules, tutorials that related to mathematics and IT.  Almost a year ago the last time I make with e-learning Flash  I never feel how difficult create e-learning with Flash. Not just 1 or 2 days to do so. However, many also have experience that I gained during the learning process is to create e-learning. One of the advantages of learning to create Flash e-learning  is that we can create animation varies the color selection, the object’s up to us all because we are  own design.

One of the questions that are still up for me at this time is possible, how effectively the e-learning that we create? If we have been struggling with making them useful ago for what we or other people who will use them? Or just add to the collection, so that other people can download, view cool animation that we created, event showroom ? Most of us may only see once, the animation is interesting or not, or even after that … a we don’t know, so we have only fit without notice or bad media that we create? Will students be more understanding if we see the media?

According to me, the e-learning will be a meaningful learning if the media is to provide a new breakthrough in the delivery so that the essence of the material will be more presented to the user. No more weight cool animation, but the more I want the essence of being offered to users. We make a free media but we do not have a user delivery method in these e-learing.

Not one of us make  of varied media, full color and attractive. But don’t forget our goal is to create e-learning. Do not leave these things cover the gist of the material that we want to submit. Congratulations struggle for progress in technology education.



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  1. Danial on April 8th, 2009 3:05 am

    Some suitable courseware authoring tools would make it easy to create e-learning Flash course.

  2. admin on April 9th, 2009 2:48 am

    @danial:thank’s for your sharing

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  4. Rohedi on April 17th, 2009 1:04 am

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