Free Books: Cool Effects and Practical Action Script

Life without Flash would be uninteresting and mundane. Flash sites are to static HTML sites what a family-size, deep-crust pizza with all the toppings is to a piece of toast. Many of today’s big-impact sites are either full-blown Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) or a prudent blend of HTML and Flash. This careful melding of technologies, coupled with seamless integration, means the difference between an online experience that’s striking, and one that’s utterly forgettable.

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Sites that use Flash as the sole medium for conveying their message, and sites that use several mini-Flash applications to punctuate static HTML, have a common underlying theme: they all harness the power of Flash to create lightweight vector- (or coordinate-) based interfaces, applications, and animations. Flash has become a powerful tool for the communication of ideas, its capabilities having inspired a large and passionate following of dedicated users.



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