Exponents Problem Set (Answer)

Problem set.

1. A population of squirrels triples each year. If there are 50 squirrels now, how many will there be 5 years from now?

2. Alannah puts $0.01 into a bank account which will double her money each day. She needs $20.00 to buy a toy. How many days will it take until she has enough money?

3. Britney Gallivan was the rst person to fold a piece of paper in half 12 times,
something which had previously been believed to be impossible. How many layers of paper would be in that stack?

4. Ramone dumped a large bucket of water onto his driveway to rinse it o . The water from the bucket covered twice as much area every 2 seconds after it initially hit the ground. After 20 seconds, the whole driveway was covered.
How long did it take the water to cover half of the driveway?

5. Below we see the first couple stages of Sierpinski’s Triangle. In each stage a
triangle 1/4 of the size of each existing black triangle is cut out from the centre of the black triangle. If the original large black triangle has an area of 100 cm2, what is the area of the each triangle removed in the 6th stage? How many black triangles are there after the 6th stage?


1. 12150 squirrels
2. 11 days
3. 4096
4. 18 seconds


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