Equation Editor for Microsoft Word

Rapid-Pi is an equation editor for Microsoft Word that provides a faster way to edit math in documents. Rapid-Pi allows you to enter mathematical expressions as easy-to-understand text. For example, you can type (y+2)/x^2 to create a fraction with y + 2 in the numerator and x-squared in the denominator. Rapid-Pi was designed with a single purpose in mind – to save you time when editing mathematical formulas, equations, and expressions in documents

Rapid-Pi is an add-on for your existing word processor application (like Microsoft Word), not a stand-alone program. This means that you will continue to use your favorite word processor, inserting Rapid-Pi equations into your document whenever you need to enter math. Inserting a Rapid-Pi equation is easy – just click on the Rapid-Pi button on Microsoft Word’s toolbar.

Version 2.01 features integration with Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher along with Compatibility Mode rendering.

Download Rapid-PiĀ  (3.02 MB)


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