GCD: Problem Set and Answer

Math Problem Set

1. Sam was buying hot dogs and hot dog buns for a backyard barbeque. Hot Dogs come in packs of 16, but buns come in packs of 12. How many packs of each will Sam have to buy so that there are no hot dogs or buns left over?

2. A florist has 72 roses, 84 tulips and 48 orchids that she wants to use to create bouquets. What is the largest number of identical bouquets she can put together without having any  owers left over?

3. Three alarm clocks are set o at the same time. If the rst one beeps every 9
seconds, the second one beeps every 12 seconds and the third one beeps every 15 seconds, how long will it be until they beep at the same time?

4. Vince has three pieces of rope with lengths of 300 cm, 312 cm and 396 cm. He wants to cut the three pieces of rope into smaller pieces of equal length with none left over.
(a) What is the greatest possible length of each of the smaller pieces of rope?
(b) How many of the smaller pieces of rope will he have altogether?
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