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Tidak terasa blog ini telah berusia 7 tahun di bulan Januari nanti. Blog ini hampir sama dengan blog telah berusia 7 tahun di bulan Juni yang lalu. Blog merupakan salah satu blog awal saya, blog yang saya buat khusus untuk pendidikan, terutama  matematika dan komputer. Tujuh tahun yang lalu, blog ini tidak banyak memiliki saingan, tetapi sekarang sudah banyak bermunculan blog-blog tentang pendidikan.

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Final Exam Preparation Questions

The need for practice questions for learning has become a major requirement for students. If students are too indifferent to this, it is then the parents will try to find the problems. This is to help the child can also practice preparing since the beginning. Ahead of the test, from the data I have, many students, teachers and parents who are looking for practice questions. According to them to find out as much as possible about the variation, then students will also practice a lot of problems and how to solve it.

Exercises is important for students, especially for students who want to learn to be independent, not dependent on the teacher and tutoring. The objectives to be achieved, which is successfully working and eventually succeed. To support these needs, so this time I will upload practice questions Semester Final Exam preparation. Although not many, I hope that the problems will still be beneficial to you.

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Mathematics Olympiad

Mathematics is a science that is unique. Many people who do not like science, but partly also explore the science of this. Students who are practicing about Mathematics Olympiad is one part that wants to explore the science of Mathematics. If every day was trained, it is not likely they will someday be a scientist who has a strong knowledge base and are useful for human life.

On this occasion, we will prepare questions for the Olympic School level Dasar. We hope that the children at an early age education has a strong science base, so that they become the children of the nation are useful for the world.

1. The figure is made up of a right-angled triangle and a trapezium. The sides of the right-angled triangle are in the ratio 3 : 4 : 5. What is the area of the figure if the length of the triangle’s shortest side is 18 cm?

mathematics olympiad

2. The ratio of the number of apples to the number of pears in a supermarket was 5 : 2. After 630 apples were sold, the ratio the number of apples to the number of pears become 2 : 1. How many pears were there in the supermarket?

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Olympiad Maths Trainer 4 For 4th Grade Week 2

belajar 6

This probles are Olympiad Maths Trainer 4 For 4th Grade Week 2. Solve this questions. Show your working clearly. Each questions carries 4 marks.

1. Use distributive law to calculate each of the following.

(a) 42 x 34 + 58 x 34

(b) 37 x 54 + 63 x 54

(c) 156 x 32 – 56 x 32

(d) 233 x 46 – 133 x 46

2. The first three terms of a three number pattern (1, 3, 6), (2, 6, 9), and (3, 9, 12).

Find the sum of three numbers in the 100th term.

3. Find the sum of all multiples of 5 from 5 to 20.

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25 Math Olympiad For Primary Schools 2013

reading olympiad

Here is the question of Mathematical olympiad for elementary students.

1. The ratio of the number of boys and girls in a school is 3 : 2. If 20% of the boys and 30% of the girls are scholarship holders, find percentage of the student who are not scholarship holders.

2. Two numbers are less than a third number by 30% and 37% respectively. How much percent is the second numbers less then the first?

3. A mixture of 40 litres of milk and water contain 10% water. How much water should be added to it so that water may be 20% in new mixture?

4. A customer asks for the production of x number of goods. The company produces y number of goods daily out of which z% are until for sale. The order will be completed in ….

5. The population of a town is 8.000. It increase by 10% during first year and by 20% during second year. The population after 2 years will be ….

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