Mathematics Olympiad

Mathematics is a science that is unique. Many people who do not like science, but partly also explore the science of this. Students who are practicing about Mathematics Olympiad is one part that wants to explore the science of Mathematics. If every day was trained, it is not likely they will someday be a scientist who has a strong knowledge base and are useful for human life.

On this occasion, we will prepare questions for the Olympic School level Dasar. We hope that the children at an early age education has a strong science base, so that they become the children of the nation are useful for the world.

1. The figure is made up of a right-angled triangle and a trapezium. The sides of the right-angled triangle are in the ratio 3 : 4 : 5. What is the area of the figure if the length of the triangle’s shortest side is 18 cm?

mathematics olympiad

2. The ratio of the number of apples to the number of pears in a supermarket was 5 : 2. After 630 apples were sold, the ratio the number of apples to the number of pears become 2 : 1. How many pears were there in the supermarket?

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Math Minutes Part 1

Write each of the following fractions in lowest terms:
8/10, 12/28, 7/21, 39/91

8/10=4/5; 12/28=3/7; 7/21=1/3; 39/91=3/7

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