40 Science Problems for Preparing National Exam Junior High School 2014

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Here we present 40 questions ipa preparation UN SMP 2014. These questions are suitable for junior high school students of class 9 that will soon face national exam. To achieve success in national examinations, the brothers have to practice work on the problems. There have been many questions about the preparation of UN SMP 2014, we enclose in this blog.

Other matters, for example, about Mathematics, questions about the Indonesian and English.

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Mid Test For Junior High School Grade 7

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In this article you can download math exercises for the junior Grade 7 Mathematics. Types of questions provided are multiple choice questions.Through these questions you can practice and learn independently. Once you practice, you can share these questions to your friends.

Sometimes student don’t have  chance to learn problem that teacher given. I hope student can learn anytime, at school or at home, teachers or without teachers.

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25 Maths Problems Solving For Junior High School Grade 9

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This blog is always crowded at times by the test, whether the test or UTS mid semester, semester 1 and semester test 2 (UAS), national tests, SNMPTN or sbmptn. I  believe that the students, teachers and parents are visiting this blog would like to get the question of Mathematical and training to get the best performance in the field of Mathematics.

I’m always grateful that there are still many who visit this blog, though sometimes not stable. That is the desire of the community to learn and still high performance. In the near future I will make a blog more specific questions of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology subjects other funds from various levels. Hopefully soon my hopes were answered and can be useful to others.

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Algebra Problems for Junior High School in Grade 7

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In Indonesia, 2nd semester final exams will not be maintained at the end of May or in early June 2013. Various preparations must have been completed by the students. Starting from self-training, tutoring, private, up to extra hours in school.

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