Text Animation Without Action Script

Using this thoroughly explained, detailed flash lesson, you will see how to create advanced text animation using some special flash tips and tricks. You don’t have to use action script code to make this lesson. Using this lesson, you will also learn how to break apart any text, how to convert every letter into a Movie Clip Symbol, how to animate every letter, how to enlarge every letter using a Free Transform Tool (Q), how to apply Alpha effect on every letter and much much more! You can use this animation for every text banner.

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Controling Movie Clip Using Keyboard

Let us see how to control a movie clip using keyboard. This flash tutorial will teach you about the basic key controls. This adds interactivity to your objects as they are able to move on stage using the arrows keys. This tutorial requires action script and this tutorial can be used in games dan multimedia applications. Download this tutorial ?

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Simple Countdown Timer

This Flash tutorial will teach you how to create a countdown timer. Countdown timer can be used in games or multimedia applications. For example countdown timers can be used to simulate a rocket countdown or countdown clock in game. The result shows number values decrementing every second. This tutorial very basic and requires action script.

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Simple Multiple Choice in Flash

Flash has a set of pre – built learning components that allow you to construct interactions that allow you to test the learners. These components are essential online learning tools. You will be familiar with many of these interaction types. The Multiple Choice tool allows the learners to select a response to a question. If a learner has made an acceptable response, he or she can receive supportive feedback. In this tutorial i will show you how to make simple multple choice in flash. It’s simple and this tutorial can be used for anyone who interest in flash. Download ?

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Simple Guess Number in Flash

As in other programming, with Flash we can create a simple guess number game . The steps is quite simple and easy. If
you are still having difficulties, you can find basic Flash tutorial on this blog.

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