Blog bank soal, untuk SD, SMP dan SMA

Tidak terasa blog ini telah berusia 7 tahun di bulan Januari nanti. Blog ini hampir sama dengan blog telah berusia 7 tahun di bulan Juni yang lalu. Blog merupakan salah satu blog awal saya, blog yang saya buat khusus untuk pendidikan, terutama  matematika dan komputer. Tujuh tahun yang lalu, blog ini tidak banyak memiliki saingan, tetapi sekarang sudah banyak bermunculan blog-blog tentang pendidikan.

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Making Blog with WordPress

To create a blog that is easy and free. On the internet we can find sites that provide blog creation services for free. is one of the sites that you can visit the blog to create a fast, easy and free. With wordpress, we can write stories, make a tutorial and give each other comments another blogger easily.

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10 Reasons Why People Do Not Like Blogging

For some people blogging is a boring activity. Take a long time  and costs which are not cheap. However, some people also say that the blog is a means for self-expression, share knowledge on to others and personal branding. Even many who also made the blogging as the main activity that is as facilities to search for revenue through online business.

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Top 10 WordPress Plugins For SEO

If you are a blogger and you want your blog reach top 10 in google search engine,  you should use top 10 plugins SEO (Search Engine Optimization) below. It’s simple, just install into your blog and I believe your blog will be visited by many people.

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How to Solve Math Problem

Do you have a problem when you want to solve math problem ? I have six steps for you and download file for clear.
Step 1
Read the problem.

Step 2
Find out, what am I supposed to find out. If it is too complicated to understand at the first time read the problem again and again.

Step 3
Look for clues words to show which operation to use,
more than…
in all…total…
all together…

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