40 Science Questions for Junior High School Grade 7 Final Test Preparation 2

persiapan ujian akhir semester 2 smp

Mathandflash Dot Com (MFDC) not only presents math problems alone. Besides Mathematics, now in MFDC there are questions science subjects, Physics, Chemistry and Biology (especially the exact subjects). Quality of the questions that will be presented will remain unchanged and you can use to practice at school and at home.

On this occasion, SMDC will present a collection of about 40 high school science preparation for final exams 2. In the big cities in Indonesia, usually 2 final exams begin in early June, there’s even being finished. 2 final exams are very important for students because it is used for the condition grade.
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Algebra Problems for Junior High School in Grade 7

math problems junior

In Indonesia, 2nd semester final exams will not be maintained at the end of May or in early June 2013. Various preparations must have been completed by the students. Starting from self-training, tutoring, private, up to extra hours in school.

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Exercises For Final Exam Grade 4

thailand math contest

For you who were in the 4th grade and soon to follow Final Exam Semester 2, the following set of questions will be displayed final exams 2. In addition, the collection will be displayed is also a matter for 4th grade students.

I hope this exercies will usefull for your study especially to prepare final exam in semester 2.

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How to Make a Good Essay

Writing an essay sounds for easy for many people. In writing an essay you just need to write many sentences. It is what usually people imagine about writing an essay. You just realize that writing an essay is something difficult when you start to write it. Suddenly, you lost all of your ideas in your head. Or maybe you have many ideas in your head but you cannot write it in the proper sentences. You will just sit in front of your computer or notebook thinking and thinking for a long time and your essay is still blank.

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25 Math Olympiad For Primary Schools 2013

reading olympiad

Here is the question of Mathematical olympiad for elementary students.

1. The ratio of the number of boys and girls in a school is 3 : 2. If 20% of the boys and 30% of the girls are scholarship holders, find percentage of the student who are not scholarship holders.

2. Two numbers are less than a third number by 30% and 37% respectively. How much percent is the second numbers less then the first?

3. A mixture of 40 litres of milk and water contain 10% water. How much water should be added to it so that water may be 20% in new mixture?

4. A customer asks for the production of x number of goods. The company produces y number of goods daily out of which z% are until for sale. The order will be completed in ….

5. The population of a town is 8.000. It increase by 10% during first year and by 20% during second year. The population after 2 years will be ….

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