Math Series II for Senior High School (SMA)

Now, you can download the latest issues of our second week in January. As usual, the issue consists of 10 math problems of SMA (Senior High School) and accompanied with the answer key.

Hopefully this math problems will be helpful for your learning.


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Math Series I For SMP

Now, you can download Math Series I For SMP (Junior High School).

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Short Answer IMSO 2004 (Mathematics Olympiad)

International Mathematics and Science Olympiad (IMSO) for Primary School 2004.

* Write down your name on every page.
* Answer all 25 questions.
* You have 60 minutes to work on this test.
* Write your answer in the boxes provided.

Math Problems

1. A pole is 156 cm high. It casts a shadow of length 234 cm. Find the length of the shadow cast by a 104 cm-high pole.

2. The square ABCD is divided into 9 smaller squares as shown in the figure. The perimeter of ABCD is 360 m. Find the perimeter of one smaller square.

3. A farmer has some goats and chickens. He counts 110 legs and 76 eyes. How many goats does he have?

4. The table shows Andi’s grades for Test 1 and Test 2 in Mathematics, Language and Science. In which subject does he show the best improvement in terms of percentage, from Test 1 to Test 2?

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