International Youth Mathematics Contest 2007 HEMIC

Individual Competition


1. The product of two three-digit numbers abc and cba is 396396, where a > c. Find the value of abc!

2. In a right-angled triangle ACD, the area of shaded region is 10 cm^2, as shown in the figure below. AD = 5 cm, AB = BC, DE = EC. Find the length of AB!

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1. The solution to each clue of this crossnumber is a two-digit number. None of these numbers begins with zero. Complete the crossnumber, stating the order in which you solved the clues and explaining why there is only one solution.

Clues Across
1. A square number
3. A multiple of 11
Clues Down
1. A multiple of 7
2. A cube number

2. Notice that 2^2 + 2^2 = 23 , so two squares can sum to give a cube; however, the two squares here are equal (to 4).
(a) Find two unequal squares whose sum is a cube.
(b) Show that there are infinitely many pairs of unequal squares whose sum is equal to a cube.

Note: ^ means square

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International Mathematics 2005

Read and do carefully math olympiad problems below and may usefull for your students and make them love math.

1. Complete this magic triangle so that the numbers along each side give the same sum. Use each of the numbers 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 only once. (You are required to give only one solution.)

2. The height of the ground floor of a building is 4 m. The height of each of the other floors is 3 m. The total height of this building is 61 m. Inclusive of the ground floor, how many floors does the building have?

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