Math Olympiad in Taiwan (IMSO)

Short Answer: there are 20 questions, fill in the correct answers in the answer
sheet. Each correct answer is worth 2 points. Time limit: 60 minutes.

1. In the 5×5 square the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 are arranged in such a way that every number occurs precisely once in each column. In the 5×5 square shown, what is the entry in the position marked with * ?

2. The length of the sides of a triangle PQR are PQ=5, QR=3 and RP=4. The bisectors of the angles P and Q meet at the point I. What is the area of the triangle PQI?

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I Love Math

Many of our students or children, perhaps only 2 of 10 students who say I like Math. Most students do not like Math. The reason is classical, including  difficult, lazy and too much thinking.

Teachers and parents play an important role in student learning or child development. Teachers and parents who proactive towards education children will encourage comfort in learning subjects including Mathematics.

Mathematics is not identical with doing problems. But working on practice questions is also an important part in learn math. When teachers and parents giving Math question, should be accompanied by evaluation and reflection. With these dynamics, I believe the children can say “I Love Math”.

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IMSO For Primary School

Below are Mathematics Olympiad questions that ever held in Jakarta, Indonesian in 2006. There are 25 questions with short answers, and hopefully usefull for you to improve your math skill!.

* Write down your name and country on the answer sheet.
* Write your answer on the answer sheet.
* Answer all 25 questions in English.
* You have 60 minutes to work on this test.
* Use pen to write your answer.

1. Three signal lights were set to flash every certain specified time. The first light flashes every 12 seconds, the second flashes every 30 seconds and the third one every 66 seconds. The signal lights flash simultaneously at 8:30 a.m. At what time will the signal lights next flash together?

2. Dina’s money consists of ten-thousand and five-thousand rupiah bills. The number of ten-thousand bills is three more than twice the number of five-thousand bills. If Dina has Rp355, 000, what is the number often-thousand bills that she has?

3. The principal of Makmur Jaya Elementary School is replaced every 4 years. At most how many principals will the school have from 2006 to 2020?

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