Primary Mathematics World Contest (PMWC)

Do the math questions below and please write your answer in the comment form.

Question 1:
What is the greatest possible number one can get by discarding 100 digits, in any order, from the number 1234567891011121314151617…57585960

Question 2:
The larger circle has radius 12 cm. Each of the six identical smaller circles touches its two neighbours and the larger circle. What is the radius of the smaller circle ?

Question 3:
A group of 100 people consists of men, women and children (at least one of each). Exactly 200 apples are distributed in such a way that each man gets 6 apples, each woman gets 4 apples and each child gets 1 apple. In how many possible ways can this be done ?

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Elementary Mathematics International Contest

Please read and then do carefully this math problems below:

1. There are 5 trucks. Trucks A and B each carry 3 tons. Trucks C and D each carry 4.5 tons. Truck E carries 1 ton more than the average load of all the trucks. How many tons does truck E carry?

2. Q2.    Let A = 200320032003   2004200420042004 and
B = 200420042004  2003200320032003.
Find A – B.

3. There are 5 boxes. Each box contains either green or red marbles only. The numbers of marbles in the boxes are 110, 105, 100, 115 and 130 respectively. If one box is taken away, the number of green marbles in the remaining boxes will be 3 times the number of red marbles. How many marbles are there in the box that is taken away?

4. Find the smallest natural number which when multiplied by 123 will yield a product that ends in 2004.

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Primary Mathematics World Contest

We have primary mathematics world contest problems for individual contest and may be usefull for your students.

1. There are four kinds of dollar-notes (or dollar-bills) of value $1, $5, $10, and $50 respectively. There is a total of nine dollar-notes, with at least one dollar-note of each kind. If the total value of these dollar-notes is $177, how many $10 dollar-notes are there ?

2. A bus starts from town A to town B and another bus starts from town B to town A on the same road. They run with constant speed to their destinations and back home without stopping. The buses pass by each other for the first time at 700 km (kilometers) from town A and they pass by each other for the second time on the way back at 400 km from town B. How many km is it from town A to town B?

3. A contractor requests 2 men to build brick walls. One man can build a brick wall in 9 hours, while the other man can do the same job in 10 hours. However, when the two men work together, there will be shortfall of a total of 10 bricks per hour, and it takes them exactly 5 hours to complete the brick wall . Find the total number of bricks used on the wall.

4. Clock A is ten seconds faster than standard time every hour. Clock B is twenty seconds slower than the standard time every hour. If we adjust the two clocks to standard time at the same time, then within 24 hours Clock A shows 7:00 while Clock B shows 6:50. What is the standard time at that moment ?

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Math For Grade 6: Bicycle Metric Math

Bicycling is a great way to exercise save fuel, and help the environtment. We can all make the earth a better place by riding bicycles.

Math facts used for this worksheet:

Time = distance/speed
1 kilometer = 1000 meters

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