Math Olympiad For Grade 5

Below is one of the math olympiad problem solving. This question is not difficult, but you need to be carefully to understand it. If you are interesting solve math olympiad problem solving, please keep to update this post regulary.

Math is  not difficult  but you need to understand !



M sells apples and get some money. If M sell 10 apples more with the same amount of money generated, then the price of one apple will be cheaper 2 bath compared to actual prices. If M sells 10 more slightly with the same amount of money generated, the price of apples will become 4 baht more expensive than the actual price. (Bath is the currency of the State of Thailand)
a. How many apples are sold M?
b. What the real price of an apple?

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How many cubes ?

How many unit cubes are still required to meet the box in the picture above?
Math Olympiad Solution ?
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Teaching Math Using Animation

One of the things you can do for children love to learn Mathematics is to change the mindset of children that mathematics is interesting, enjoyable and challenging. Viewing animations and play games on the computer / internet related to Mathematics worth a try. Of course, assistance is needed.

On the internet been available a lot of media that can be utilized. Gaming, animation we can find it easily. Some already exist that can be downloaded in advance, and the other forces us to be connected to the internet. Here’s one web address that contains the game / games, animations related to Mathematics and Science.
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Hongkong Elementary Mathematics International Contest (HEMIC)

Learning Mathematics can regularly improve the intelligence of a child. Children which have more capability in the field of Mathematics better focused to excel at the national and interntional level that is by following the international Olympic Math.

Learning Math should be done regularly and not just in time for the race course. The following I will show you the questions Mathematical Olympiad
international level, held in Hong Kong in 2007. Hopefully helpful!
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International Mathematics Competiton 2008

In this post i would like to upload a pdf file that can be used to learn for your students. This file contains math problem that is Internation Mathematics Competiton 2008 that held on Thailand 3 years ago.

This problem consist of two sections, section A and section B. Section A consist of 12 questions. Each correct answer is worth 5 points. Then, section B, 3 question. Each answer is worth 20 points.

Let’s download this file !

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