Greatest Common Divisor

Find the greatest common divisor of the following numbers using factor trees.
1) 420 and 168

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Math Olympiad Problem Solving for Primary Schools

1. Distance of  Yogyakarta to Kebumen is 126. It can be reached by car within 2 1/4 hours. The average speed of vehicles that are … km/h?

2. Diamond Savings Bank is Rp 200.000,00. After one year, the amount of savings to be Rp 224.000,00. On average each month relationship is …%.

3. A train traveled 720 km with an average speed of 60 km/ hour. Train travel time is … hours.

4. The price of a chicken USD 25000.00. Price a goat Rp650.000, 00. To be able to buy 2 goats must sell as much cock … tail.

5. Gilang marbles 3/5 times the marbles Saiful. The number of marbles Saiful 35 point. The difference is … point their marbles.

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Free Online Math Games

If you are a student or teacher who wants learning Mathematics and playing games at the same time HoodaMath.Com site is a site that right for you. You can play the math in the form of the game for free.

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I keep the marbles in 9 boxes each one as much, if I take all the marbles of the 6 boxes and distributed as much to each of two others, the contents of boxes, each grew 10 marbles. How much my marbles?
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Average Speed

To travel from city A to city B with an average speed of 60 km / h, a driver typically takes 6 hours 40 minutes. Determine the average speed of the bus so that he arrived in town B in 1 hour 20 minutes earlier than usual.

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