A student multiplies

A student multiplies the month and the day in which he was born by 31 and 12
respectively. The sum of the two resulting products is 170.

Find the month and the date in which he was born !

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Math For Grade 6

Find the value of 20042005× 20052004 – 20042004 × 20052005 !


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Two Squares

Math Problem:
Two squares, with lengths 4 cm and 6 cm respectively, are partially overlapped as shown in the diagram below. What is the difference between shaded area A and shaded area B ?

Solution ?

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The average age of workers in a factory is 36 years. It’s also know that the average of male worker is 40 years and the average of female worker is 30 years. What the ratio between the number of male workers and the number of female workers ?

Do you know the answer ?

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