Math For Grade 12 (High School)

Starting this time maybe I should update on the discussion questions the national exam, because the national examination (UN) High School only a few months away. Come and join to be a member on this blog.

Problem this week:
In a box of there are 7 red and 5 white marbles. Three marbles was taken from a box with random. The opportunities/odds of least 1 white marbles taken from a box is ….

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Math Problem For Grade 6 (Part 4)

Finally I have got around to section 4 (final) for a special elementary school math story problems. In previous postings, I wrote 10 stories about math that you can save and then used to practice for your own good or for your children. The following questions-you see. Good download.

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1. One of home completed within 5 months, 3 weeks 5 days. How many days a house is completed?

2. I walk 12 steps forward. Having reached the goal, I’m back again with the same number of steps. If the steps are written in mundurku integers, what is it?
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Math Problem For Grade 6

For those who want to collect a special math story problems, please subscribe on this blog so you can find the latest questions from us. This post is the third time posting for special math story problems first grade VI. Of course, I do not provide the answer key. To know the answer, I am waiting for your willingness of all to answer the following questions.

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Math For Grade 6 Part 2

This post is a continuation of my previous posts. The aim is that the questions I present is not too much. If you’ve found the answer, please just answer directly in the comment box.

Mathematics for the majority of students are still regarded as a frightening subject. Do not know why until now, these subjects are still feared. Difficult? Complicated? Various reasons can be raised. And math is not hard science, and sometimes the same level with they have difficult immunization social sciences. It’s just more sure of Mathematics. So because of that certainty of mathematics should be easier. Download math problems?
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Math For Grade 6

Actually, this post would I put in my new blog, which will discuss the mathematics from another perspective, namely the application of mathematics. The approach I use is to understand the math, looking at all the events in our lives that relate to math.

If we learn mathematics, we usually tend to give the formula first. After that at the end of the balls we were given the questions the story. Well, in my new blog, I will use the inverse approach. I will try to discuss applied mathematics from the first, and only the formulas. To discuss, I would not read too much mathematical theories, mathematical realistic, but I prefer using the approach of experience in our lives everyday. If we can solve without formula, why do we have to use a formula that is sometimes difficult and tortuous.

See the story about mathematics?

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