Quadratic Equation Formula

Continuing the previous post, this time in the post I will show you some simple formula that can be used to  associated with the quadratic equation. Practical formula in quadratic equation more widely used in problems associated to make new quadratic equation.

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Math Olympiad

Many comments on this blog who want to set shoptalk mathematics olympiad for both primary schools, junior and senior high school. Willingness to meet, in the post this time, I will give a link containing a collection of shoptalk Olympic level mathematics for elementary, junior and senior high school.

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Math Teaching Tips for Elementary School

Teaching math to elementary students is critical for establishing a foundation of success in mathematics. There is a need for some basic memorization of facts, because students who do not memorize arithmetic functions struggle in upper grades. However, math must be fun and interesting.

Math should be fun and interesting. When students become involved in math learning, they retain more than just rote memorization of math facts. Instead of just using worksheets and completing problems on the board, make math fun and challenging.
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Tips for Mathematics Olympiad Participants

The term “olympiad” is used generically to refer to a math contest in which students are asked not to compute numerical answers, but to give proofs of specified statements. (Example: “Prove that 2003 is not the sum of two squares of integers.”) The most famous example is the International Mathematical Olympiad; most countries that participate at the IMO have national olympiads as part of their team selection process. Some areas have additional olympiads at the regional or local level.

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How effectively your e-learning ?

From today and so it seems I have to start again to make the active  e-learning modules, tutorials that related to mathematics and IT.  Almost a year ago the last time I make with e-learning Flash  I never feel how difficult create e-learning with Flash. Not just 1 or 2 days to do so. However, many also have experience that I gained during the learning process is to create e-learning. One of the advantages of learning to create Flash e-learning  is that we can create animation varies the color selection, the object’s up to us all because we are  own design.

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