The Proof: 1 + 1 = 0 ?

When make this post I believ that I am still normal and not crazzy. Not because a week does not posting in this blog or lost memories. It’s not because a week write math book, making it its own problems and continue to be in the mind and will forget myself. Look at the post title above. Title is not over when one or just want to search only sensai.

Let’s look the proof …
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10 Reasons Why People Do Not Like Blogging

For some people blogging is a boring activity. Take a long time  and costs which are not cheap. However, some people also say that the blog is a means for self-expression, share knowledge on to others and personal branding. Even many who also made the blogging as the main activity that is as facilities to search for revenue through online business.

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Free Books: Cool Effects and Practical Action Script

Life without Flash would be uninteresting and mundane. Flash sites are to static HTML sites what a family-size, deep-crust pizza with all the toppings is to a piece of toast. Many of today’s big-impact sites are either full-blown Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) or a prudent blend of HTML and Flash. This careful melding of technologies, coupled with seamless integration, means the difference between an online experience that’s striking, and one that’s utterly forgettable.

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National Mathematics Exam Prediction

This file may be usefull for you to prepare National Mathematics on April 2009. Download file ?

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High School Mathematics Competition

For each of the following 25 questions, carefully blacken the appropriate box on the answer sheet with a #2 pencil. Do not fold, bend or write stray marks on either side of the answer sheet. Each correct answer is worth 4 points. Two points are deducted for each incorrect answer. Zero points are given if no box, or more than one box, is marked. Note that wild guessing is apt to lower your score. When the exam is over, give your answer sheet to the proctor. You may keep your copy of the questions.

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