10 Reasons Why People Do Not Like Blogging

For some people blogging is a boring activity. Take a long time  and costs which are not cheap. However, some people also say that the blog is a means for self-expression, share knowledge on to others and personal branding. Even many who also made the blogging as the main activity that is as facilities to search for revenue through online business.

You may often doubts the truth of information on the internet, because too much information on the internet and even between the information with one another sometimes does not sync. This is due to the era of information where each person can make the information the right for him and then spread through the Internet and one of them through the blog. On this occasion I will give you 10 reasons why people do not like it would blogging. Andthere is another you can add it to.

1. There is no internet connection at home or around the house, even if there should be and need to cafe  a sizable cost: parking, gasoline, and pay the internet. If there is a connection through the phone, still  to think  because the rate of the service that is still tolerable expensive.

2. Blogging requires concentration and skill to write. For some people who do not like to write nblogging the same as writing paper or proposal. Must be in accordance with the grammar are correct.

3. Do not have a community blog that can be used as a means give each other comments and share feedback.     Blogging ever but I do not have to give comments or feel that no one read, so that  feel with the trauma experience.

4. Do not have a material or material that you want to be in the blog, because it has too many information on the blogs of others and considers himself does not have special expertise that  can be distributed to other people.

5. Mild-nge friendster, facebook or nge-nge-twitter. In addition to promotion of self, we can get a lot of friends, beautiful and handsome-looking. People who rarely get the girl of  blogging.

6. Have been ideal, to search for online revenue, but it is not possible, even rare   people visited the blog. It is through various ways, buying a few books, read the post-post  master’s in business blogs online, but also difficult and can not be put into practice for himself.

7. As loyal readers of course, have no desire to do more. If I read the living  must participate nge-blog as well? Very difficult-so difficult people.

8. Not yet know that blogging can be used as a means to explore personal branding and revenue online. Plus there are no people around with a successful nge-blog. Or not a person the story of  blogging.

9. Rushing to work and every day routines. Keeping for children, his wife and only hard work,  and there is no time especially for blogging.

10. Home and work environment that is still traditional. Have not blog about technology and the internet.

Well, if you do not like people who blogging, including your number is? And if you’re really blogger, you may be able to add other reasons. Hopefully useful.


3 Responses to “10 Reasons Why People Do Not Like Blogging”

  1. aldrix on November 20th, 2009 5:00 pm

    i wish i could become famous blogger…..
    whatever people say.. like you !!

  2. tdy on January 19th, 2010 4:28 pm

    I hope everyone like blog.
    i agree with this site said that from blog, we can share our experience to other.

    Don’t visit to my blog ya……..
    See u in my blog….

  3. sohibah on April 10th, 2012 2:55 pm

    sy masih belum puas dengan blog sy, msh perlu belajar banyak, jd tolong ajari sy donk.contohnya membuat yg seperti home beserta isinya, please help me pas IS

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